Income Investing Fantasyland: High Dividend Equity ETFs and Mutual Funds

Steve Selengut July 17, 2018

When it comes to yields and one-year returns, none of the Vanguard funds win. Despite their popularity, despite the passive-indexing craze and despite the feel-good story many want to believe is true—Vanguard is a laggard.

Managing The Retirement Income Portfolio: Planning

Steve Selengut June 20, 2018

The retirement income portfolio (nearly all investment portfolios become retirement portfolios eventually) is the financial hero that appears on the scene just in time to fill the income gap betwee . . .

The Art of Investing: A New Wall Street “Line Dance”

Steve Selengut June 20, 2018



  • To personalize your performance evaluation protocol, you just need to focus your attention on two, longer-range, objective . . .

The “Great Recession” – Ten Years Later

Steve Selengut June 20, 2018 

...blame for "The Great Recession" could well have been laid at the feet of big government, misguided regulators, and Modern Portfolio Theory zealots instead of heaped upon Wall Street bankin . . .