Feb 19, Opportunity to recording of more than one clip 6. Jun 1 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Failed to edit data in Views. Aug 2 Navicat Premium Windows version 9. Failed to duplicate MariaDB tables with virtual columns. Feb 23, Fix of timeshift problem of 7.

Nom: navicat lite for mysql 9.1.9
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Copy and paste issue in Table Viewer’s Memo Editor. Fixed the bug of disabled definition box in PostgreSQL function. SQLite Table Viewer treated e. Nov 18 Navicat Premium Linux version 8. Identifier name quoting problem in SQLite. Error occurred when importing identity column in SQL Server.

After sorted a selected column in Table Viewer, access violation occurred when resizing column width. DBF character field length would be set to if table field length is 0 while exporting to DBF file. Jan 10 Navicat Premium Linux version May 8 Navicat Premium Windows version Apr 30 Navicat Premium Mac version Failed to run multiple Data Synchronization at the same time.

Jan 10 Navicat Premium Windows version Error occurred when modifying a MongoDB lte and auth was enabled.


Fixed UI font issue in Ubuntu When fog and enabled save queries to file, queries were not correctly written to the file in Data Synchronization. Added a section in Query View Result tab so that it can now show the sql and the query time.

Failed to list tables after connected. Cursor was missing in Stored Procedure. Jul 5 Navicat Premium Mac version Magic Video Converter v8. Crashed when right-clicked on an open area and seleted « Restore Backup ».

navicat lite for mysql 9.1.9

Jul 22 Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Failed to handle Oracle Environmental Path with spaces.


Navicat Premium Windows version 8. Responsiveness and performance improved. Jun 25 Navicat Premium Windows version 8.

navicat lite for mysql 9.1.9

Crashed when importing to Oracle Server with comma as decimal separator during Import Wizard. Navicat hanged when importing multiple files using Import Wizard. When created PostgreSQL database, privileges could not be set at the same time.

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Connection combo box showed wrongly in Data 9.1.9. Notification email in batch job is now delivered in MIME format. Data Synchronization did not work for SQLite databases.


Query Builder supports to show diagram for some incomplete statement. When trying to determine if the dataset were editable in Query, error would occur if user contained privilege on View, but did not have select privilege for Table.

Support all Oracle objects: Error occurred when schedule .91.9 and path contained unicode string. May 20 Navicat Premium Mac version Added more popup option for Where and Having clauses in Query Builder. Improved virtual grouping rename issue – e. SQL statements exported from Export Wizard was exported myql.

Failed to transfer MySQL Foreign Key to target server if the target database name was different to the source database name. Typed in the export queries filepath directly would cause file creation error in Data Synchronization.